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MsgFiler 4 for macOS Sonoma and Above

Mac App Store

The Mac App Store version of MsgFiler 4 is offered as free-to-download application with a one-time in-app purchase or a subscription to unlock all the features.

Lifetime Unlock or Subscription?

MsgFiler has been around for nearly two decades supporting every release of macOS from Tiger to Sonoma. If you are a dedicated Apple Mail user and see yourself using MsgFiler 4 for more than a few years, it is wise to pay for the Lifetime Unlock.

If you want to try out MsgFiler 4 for a month or a year, a subscription is a more affordable alternative. Read more about my thoughts on subscriptions here.


Purchase the direct distribution version of MsgFiler 4 from Gumroad. This version of MsgFiler 4 is offered in the form of a one-time payment. Gumroad will send you a License Key to the email used to purchase the product. You will enter this License Key into MsgFiler 4 to active the Lifetime Unlock.

MsgFiler 3 for macOS Ventura and Below

Existing users of MsgFiler 3 are heavily encouraged to install the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plug-In for fast filing.

There is no upgrade pricing from MsgFiler 3 to MsgFiler 4, so if you are on Ventura and upgrade to macOS Sonoma, you will need to purchase MsgFiler 4. MsgFiler 4 is a complete re-write of the application and takes advantage of the latest Apple developer technologies and innovations such as Swift, SwiftUI and App Intents.

MsgFiler Classic

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