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MsgFiler 4 for macOS Sonoma and Above

MsgFiler 4 is available to download and purchase from the following channels:

Mac App Store

The Mac App Store version of MsgFiler 4 is offered as free-to-download application with a one-time in-app purchase or a subscription to unlock all the features.

  • Lifetime Unlock: Pay a one-time fee to unlock all of MsgFiler 4's features.

  • Inbox Organizer Plan: Subscribe to use all features of MsgFiler 4 on a monthly or annual basis.

Lifetime Unlock or Subscription?

MsgFiler has been around for nearly two decades supporting every release of macOS from Tiger to Sonoma. If you are a dedicated Apple Mail user and see yourself using MsgFiler 4 for more than a few years, it is wise to pay for the Lifetime Unlock.

If you want to try out MsgFiler 4 for a month or a year, a subscription is a more affordable alternative. Read more about my thoughts on subscriptions here.


Purchase the direct distribution version of MsgFiler 4 from Gumroad. This version of MsgFiler 4 is offered in the form of a one-time payment. Gumroad will send you a License Key to the email used to purchase the product. You will enter this License Key into MsgFiler 4 to active the Lifetime Unlock.

MsgFiler 3 for macOS Ventura and Below

With the release of MsgFiler 4, MsgFiler 3 is no longer available from the Mac App Store. If you are running a macOS operating system below Ventura, you can download, install and purchase MsgFiler Classic here, which remains on sale. While it lacks some of the features of MsgFiler 3, it still offers the core fast-filing experience of MsgFiler.

MsgFiler 3 runs on macOS Ventura and below.

Existing users of MsgFiler 3 are heavily encouraged to install the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plug-In for fast filing.

There is no upgrade pricing from MsgFiler 3 to MsgFiler 4, so if you are on Ventura and upgrade to macOS Sonoma, you will need to purchase MsgFiler 4. MsgFiler 4 is a complete re-write of the application and takes advantage of the latest Apple developer technologies and innovations such as Swift, SwiftUI and App Intents.

MsgFiler Classic

The Original MsgFiler Mail Plug-In will remain available for purchase for users running a macOS version that supports Mail Plug-Ins. Learn more here.

MsgFiler Classic runs on macOS Ventura and below.

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