"There's a brutal simplicity when it comes to the Mail.app email application that comes with Mac OS. This is what it has over all the others on the market, however, there's also some shortcomings that may force someone who uses Macs professionally to seek out alternatives. For me, one of them is in the filing of messages. MsgFiler has been my secret workflow weapon and has always been the single most powerful tool in my arsenal in the battle for in-box zero. If you can zip through your inbox quickly and effortlessly filing, forwarding, delegating, dealing-with and deleting, you never miss an opportunity, or a deadline from your boss, or fail to respond immediately to a customer request, or thank your customer for that massive purchase order. There's no chance you're going to drop the ball on anything. It's been my email superpower now for over 16 years, and I'm happy to give Adam whatever he chooses to charge for it to get it again."

— Emilijo Mihatov

"As a seasoned entrepreneur with four startup companies under my belt, not including the Computer History Museum, and as a senior executive at several large companies including Apple, Cisco, and SAP, and as an academic at MIT, Berkeley, and Stanford, and as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at UC Santa Cruz, get a lot of email. I mean a lot! I had been using MsgFiler for many years, and when Apple disabled plugins for Apple Mail, I was devastated when Adam told the community he had packed it in supporting MsgFiler. So, I hacked together my own version. It started attracting users. Fortunately, when Adam saw it was possible to support it using some of the techniques I discovered, he resurrected MsgFiler as MsgFiler 4. I’ve been using early versions for some time rather than my own version. Now he’s released it. I love it!"

— Ike Nassi

"MsgFiler is the one productivity app I just can’t live without. No other email app comes close to making it this easy to archive and retrieve email, all from the keyboard. I’ve been using MsgFiler for more than 10 years, and it has saved me countless hours. The developer is highly responsive to user requests."

— Michael F. Summers, Professor and HHMI Investigator

"I have been using MsgFiler for years when filing emails for the 7 accounts I have in Apple Mail. These include nested mailboxes within mailboxes. If I relied on Mail's standard of dragging and dropping it would take forever to file messages. A quick keystroke shortcut is definitely needed. The previous version of MsgFiler used a Mail plugin but, unfortunately, Apple decided to stop supporting plugins with Sonoma. I held off upgrading Ventura to Sonoma until Adam came up with this completely new version that works great in the latest MacOS. Adam has been extremely supportive all these years, I was excited to upgrade, and I'm happy to let everybody know it works great! An app I recommend to all Apple Mail users!"

— Doug Lerner, Tokyo

"One of the most useful pieces of software I own; I’m sure it increases my efficiency in dealing with mail by several factors, if not an order of magnitude."

Ed Zalta, Stanford University

"First of all, I am delighted with MsgFiler. It has made a huge difference in my ability to keep on top of filing my mail."

— Rob

"The best $10 I have spent on a Mac app – ever!"

— Raven Zachary

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