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MsgFiler 4 is free to use to open mailboxes, toggle read status, flag and label messages. In the Freemium Mode, it also allows you to use on a limited basis the following features:

  • Moving messages

  • Copying messages

  • Navigating Mail from the keyboard

  • Archiving messages from the keyboard

  • Creating New Mailboxes

  • Toggling Focused Filing*

Focused Filing is only available with a valid license.

MsgFiler 4 will be available soon to purchase and/or subscription through two channels:

Mac App Store

If you downloaded MsgFiler 4 from the Mac App Store, you will be presented with options to purchase a Lifetime Unlock or to subscribe to one of the Inbox Organization subscription plans when you click the Next button.

If you do not wish to purchase or subscribe to MsgFiler 4, click Next. Otherwise, choose your plan or product and follow the on-screen directions.

The prices for each product are subject to change and depend on which App Store you are connecting to on your Mac.


Lifetime Unlock licenses for MsgFiler 4 will be made available for purchase on Gumroad. If you do not wish to purchase MsgFiler 4 at this time, click Next in the two screens below.

Otherwise, click Purchase to go to the Gumroad website to buy a license key. Enter it in the text field and click Activate.

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