Frequently asked questions about MsgFiler Engine.

I am running macOS Sonoma and filing has become slow and unreliable.

macOS Sonoma removed Mail Plug-In support, so MsgFiler Engine no longer works. Please upgrade to MsgFiler 4 on the Mac App Store.

I upgraded to El Capitan and filed messages keep reappearing in the original mailbox. I am using Gmail.

Did you hide the All Mail folder in Gmail’s web settings? If so, you will need to reveal this mailbox in IMAP for MsgFiler to work properly. See this article on TidBits for more details.

Mail on OS X Mavericks/Mountain Lion has disabled the MsgFiler Engine plugin. Filing is slow again in MsgFiler 3!

Update to MsgFiler 3.1.4 and install the latest version of the MsgFiler Engine

Filing is so slow after upgrading to Mavericks/Mountain Lion/Lion!

Re-install MsgFiler Engine. All Mail plugins are automatically disabled following an upgrade of the operating system.

I’m an old user of the MsgFiler Mail Plugin. Installing MsgFiler Engine makes the original mail plugin disappear.

Install the latest version of MsgFiler Engine to resolve this problem.

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