Filing Settings

This section configures how MsgFiler 4 operates before, during, and after filing.

Before Filing

  • Default Action: Choose the default action from moving messages, copying messages, opening the currently selected mailbox, or doing nothing. The option you choose will cause the corresponding button in MsgFiler 4 to be highlighted in the macOS accent color.

  • Pressing Enter in search: Choose what happens when you press the Enter key in the search field. MsgFiler 4 can either perform the default action or focus on the Mailboxes Table.

During Filing

  • Use Filing Script: Enables the use of the MsgFiler Filing Script. This enables MsgFiler 4 to perform additional actions such as filing Gmail messages, archive messages from Mail, and more.

  • Installation Guide: Learn how to download and install the MsgFiler Filing Script.

  • Gmail filing method: Read the Onboarding section on Gmail for information about this setting.

  • Account-Specific Settings: Set a different Gmail filing method for each of your Gmail accounts.

  • Mark messages as read: Enable to have Mail mark all selected messages as read before filing.

  • Flag filed messages: Enable to have Mail flag all selected messages with a custom flag before filing.

  • Label filed messages: Enable to have Mail color code all selected messages with a custom color before filing.

After Filing

  • Keep MsgFiler open after filing: Enable this when filing dozens or hundreds of emails in a single session. After filing, focus will return to MsgFiler 4 whereupon you can enter a new mailbox for filing the next selected message in Mail.

  • Move selection: If you are filing non-Gmail messages, MsgFiler 4 will try to select the next or previous message in Mail after filing. This feature requires the MsgFiler Filing Script to be installed and activated in order to work.

  • Play sound after filing: Turn this on to play a custom sound after filing messages in Mail.

  • Filing sound: MsgFiler 4 comes with a series of different filing sounds, from fun to playful to subtle to professional. Or let MsgFiler 4 choose a random filing sound!

There is not an easy way to determine whether the Mail selection is at the end or beginning of the Message Viewer. As a result, Mail may lose its selection if you are:

  • At the end of the message list and MsgFiler 4 is configured to move the selection down.

  • At the beginning of the message list and MsgFiler 4 is configured to move the selection up.

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