MsgFiler Shortcut

The MsgFiler Shortcut is a keyboard shortcut that is global to the Mail and MsgFiler 4 applications. Pressing the shortcut will perform one of three actions:

  • Toggles MsgFiler on and off

  • Focuses Between Mail and MsgFiler

  • Shows MsgFiler

Default Keyboard Shortcut

The default keyboard shortcut is Command-9.

Changing the Keyboard Shortcut

Follow these steps to change the MsgFiler Shortcut:

  1. Open MsgFiler 4.

  2. Choose Settings from the MsgFiler 4 menu.

  3. Click on the MsgFiler Shortcut field.

  4. Press the keys you want to use to invoke the MsgFiler Shortcut.

  5. Choose what action should be performed when invoking the MsgFiler Shortcut.

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