Migrating to MsgFiler 4

Support has ended for MsgFiler Classic. If you have upgraded to macOS Sonoma and are lamenting the fact that Mail Plug-Ins have been removed from the Mail app, you should purchase an install MsgFiler 4 from the App Store.

There are many new features in MsgFiler 4 which users have requested over the years, including:

  • Favorite mailboxes

  • Recent mailboxes

  • Ability to create new mailboxes from within MsgFiler

  • Configurable default action

  • Exclude mailboxes

  • Match on mailbox names only

  • Restrict search to selected accounts

  • Full keyboard access

Differences Between the Application and Classic Plug-In

The previous version of MsgFiler came in the form of an Apple Mail plugin. Because the Mac App Store guidelines restricts plugins, MsgFiler has been rewritten to be a standalone application that communicates with Mail via AppleScript. Differences between the plugin and the application are noted below:

  • Hide Offline and Inactive Accounts MsgFiler 3.0 does not have the ability to determine whether a mail account is offline or inactive.

  • Mark as Read Due to AppleScript performance issues, the mark as read feature has been removed from the application. From within MsgFiler, however, you can press command-shift-U to toggle the read/unread status of messages before you file them.

  • Loading Mailboxes The plugin, by virtue of being integrated with Mail, is faster at loading and reloading of mailboxes.

  • Filing To Remote Mailboxes MsgFiler’s performance slower than filing with the plugin because MsgFiler must use AppleScript whereas MsgFiler Classic has access to an internal method within the Mail application to file messages.

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