Advanced Settings

Configure additional settings in the Advanced Settings section.

User Interface

  • Display number of mailbox matches: Have MsgFiler 4 show the number of mailboxes that match the current search string at the bottom of the MsgFiler 4 window.

  • Display total number of filed messages: Want to see how many messages you've filed over the years of using MsgFiler 4? Turn this setting on and it will be shown at the bottom of the MsgFiler 4 window. The number of filed messages will also appear at the top of the Settings window.

  • Automatically reload mailboxes: MsgFiler 4 will attempt to detect when new mailboxes have been added to Mail. When detected, it will automatically sync mailboxes from Mail to MsgFiler 4.

  • Stay open after flagging and labeling: MsgFiler 4 will respect the setting to stay open after filing unless you toggle this setting. Doing so will prevent MsgFiler 4 from returning to Mail after performing an individual flag or labeling operation.

  • Stay open after showing mailbox: Toggling this setting will keep focus on MsgFiler 4 after showing a mailbox in mail.

Search Field

  • Focus on search on activation: When returning to MsgFiler 4, focus will automatically return to the search field and select any pre-existing text.

  • Search field contents on activation: Control how the contents of the search field are handled when returning to MsgFiler.

    • Retain: The contents of the search field are retained when you return to MsgFiler.

    • Clear Always: The contents of the search field are always cleared when returning to MsgFiler.

    • Clear Only After Action: The contents of the search field are cleared only after performing a filing action.


  • Align MsgFiler window to Mail: When invoked, MsgFiler 4 will attach its main window to the frontmost Mail window.

  • Position: Select the position to attach the MsgFiler 4 window.

    • Top-Left

    • Top-Center

    • Top-Right

    • Left-Top

    • Left-Center

    • Left-Bottom

    • Right-Top

    • Right-Center

    • Right-Bottom

    • Bottom-Left

    • Bottom-Center

    • Bottom-Right


  • Show warning when copying messages: Display a warning notice when copying messages. See troubleshooting section on copying messages for more information.

  • Setup Wizard: Display the onboarding screens.

  • Reset Settings: Resets MsgFiler 4 back to its factory defaults. You will need to restart the application for all changes to be reset.

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