Focused Filing

Focused Filing enables to focus on filing your messages by dimming your computer's screen and hiding all applications except for MsgFiler 4 and Mail. This gives you a clean workspace with which to file your email messages.

Activate Focused Filing

Choose Toggle Focused Filing from the View menu or press Command-Shift-F to activate Focused Filing.

Display Button in Main Window

You can display a Focused Filing toggle button in MsgFiler 4's Main Window by going to to the Focused Filing Settings and checked Display button in main window.

Deactivating Focused Filing

You can manually deactivate Focused Filing by pressing the keyboard shortcut when in MsgFiler.

Automatically Resume Focused Filing

Focused Filing temporarily deactivates when you switch to any application other than MsgFiler 4 or Mail. When you return to MsgFiler 4 or Mail, Focused Filing automatically turns back on. If you wish to have MsgFiler 4 deactivate Focused Filing when you switch out of Mail or MsgFiler 4, you can disable the Automatically resume Focused Filing preference in Advanced Settings.

Adjusting Opacity and Animation Speed

Adjust the amount of dimming and the animation speed in the Focused Filing Settings page. By default, screens will be dimmed by 75% over 0.5 seconds.

Dim All Screens

Focused Filing dims all screens so you can completely focus on the task at hand. You can opt to dim only the screen the MsgFiler 4 window is active on by unchecking the Dim all screens setting.

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