Filing Messages

Using MsgFiler 4 is very simple:

  1. Select a message you wish to file in Apple Mail.

  2. Invoke MsgFiler 4 by pressing the MsgFiler Shortcut. By default, it is Command-9, but you can customize it in General Settings.

  3. Type a few characters of the mailbox into which you wish to file the message.

  4. When the mailbox you desire is shown at the top of the mailbox results list, press Enter or Return. If there are multiple matches, use the down arrow to select the correct mailbox before hitting Return.

When you filing messages, you'll see focus switch over to Mail. If you have the Keep open after filing preference checked, MsgFiler 4 will be activate after filing. Otherwise it will disappear, and you will have to invoke it again. Repeat the process above to continue filing your messages.

Remember to have MsgFiler 4 select the next message up or down, you'll need to install the MsgFiler Filing Script.

Wildcard Matching

Inserting a space character in the search field instructs MsgFiler 4 to perform a wildcard search. For instance, suppose you entered:

Peo Vi

This will match any mailbox that contains those characters:

People/Victor Jackson

People/Vincent Young


Master the use of the space character to quickly drill down to find the correct mailbox.

Search Restrictions

By default, MsgFiler 4 is set up to search the entire path for your mailboxes. Additionally, MsgFiler 4 is configured to show only those accounts that the current selection of messages in Mail belongs to. Finally, MsgFiler 4, by default, will perform a case-insensitive search.

You can change these settings in Search Settings.

Copying Gmail Messages

Duplicating a message within the same Gmail account results in copies sharing the same ID. If you delete any of these messages from any mailbox, it will delete all messages with the same ID. For instance:

  • Copy message from Inbox to mailbox Test.

  • Delete copied message in the Test mailbox.

  • The message in the Inbox will also be deleted.

Gmail uses a labeling system rather than the traditional folder structure common in other email services. Messages filed to other mailboxes within the same Gmail account are labeled with the same ID and do not represent actualy duplicated messages.

Starting in MsgFiler 4.1.1, a warning is displayed when trying to copy a message to alert you on the behavior of copying messages.

Note that this is not a problem when performing the following actions:

  • Copying messages from a Gmail account to another Gmail account.

  • Copying messages from a Gmail account to another email service.

  • Copying messages from other email services.

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