If you enable the use of the Filing Script, the next screen will allow you to configure how MsgFiler 4 treats Gmail messages.

Remember that in order to file Gmail messages, you must use the Filing Script.

Archive and File

On most macOS Mail accounts that connect with Gmail, MsgFiler 4 must first Archive a message before it can move it. This is because of the non-standard way Gmail treats mailboxes. In most mail systems, an email can belong to one and only one mailbox. In Gmail, however, users can assign labels to messages. Labels are somewhat analogous to mailboxes in Gmail, which means a message can appear in multiple mailboxes.

There is a bug in AppleScript wherein setting the mailbox of a message that currently resides in the Inbox does not remove the message from the Inbox. To the user, it appears that the message appears in two mailboxes, the Inbox and the destination mailbox.

To remedy this, MsgFiler 4 will first Archive the message before moving it. Doing so removes the Inbox label from the message before assigning it the destination mailbox label.

Direct File

Now, some Gmail accounts are configured in such a way that MsgFiler 4 can file directly to a mailbox, with no need to archive first. If you receive an error from MsgFiler 4 when moving or copying a message, try turning off the setting to Archive messages before filing in the Filing Settings section.

Per-Account Settings

In MsgFiler 4.1.0, you can now set your Gmail filing method on a per-account basis. In Filing Settings, click on Account-Specific Settings to configure how each of your Gmail accounts should file their messages.

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