Freemium Mode

The table below lists what is available, limited, or not accessible when MsgFiler 4 is in Freemium Mode. Purchase the Lifetime Unlock or subscribe to one of the Inbox Organization monthly or annual subscription plans to unlock unlimited access to premium features.

In Freemium Mode, you can use some premium features, but you will periodically be prevented from performing the operation and be encouraged to purchase or subscribe via an alert. You can dismiss the alert after some time and try to perform the operation again. These features are denoted by the ⏰ icon.

FeatureFreemium ModePaid or Subscription

Opening mailboxes

Labeling selected messages

Flagging selected messages

Toggling read status of selected messages

Moving messages

Copying messages

Navigating Mail from the keyboard

Archiving messages from the keyboard

Creating new mailboxes

Focused Filing

Dark mode


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