General Settings

This sections contains startup, display, and keyboard shortcut settings for MsgFiler 4.


  • Launch at login: Turn this on to have MsgFiler 4 launch whenever your Mac restarts.

  • Hide MsgFiler in Dock: Enable this to hide the MsgFiler 4 icon from the Dock and to turn the application into a floating panel over all applications. If you use Mail is full-screen mode, you will want to enable this, as MsgFiler 4 will be able to share the same Space as Mail.


  • List font: Configure the font used in the Mailboxes Table.

  • Reset: Resets the font used in the Mailboxes Table back to the System font at 12 points.

Keyboard Shortcut

  • Action: Choose from one of three actions performed when pressing the MsgFiler Shortcut:

    • Toggles MsgFiler

    • Focuses Between Mail and MsgFiler

    • Shows MsgFiler

  • MsgFiler Shortcut: Configure the keyboard shortcut used to invoke MsgFiler 4. Learn more in the MsgFiler Shortcut section.

  • Focus on search on activation: When enabled, focus will return to the search field anytime MsgFiler 4 is activated.

  • Pressing Escape in search: Choose the action that should occur when you press Escape when focus is on the search field. You can either clear the search field or hide MsgFiler 4.

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