Filing Script

The MsgFiler Filing Script can supercharge your filing experience in MsgFiler 4. It is an AppleScript that can perform numerous functions that MsgFiler alone cannot do, such as:

  • Moving and copying Gmail messages.

  • Navigating Mail using the keyboard from MsgFiler 4.

  • Archiving messages from the keyboard in MsgFiler 4.

  • Selecting the next or previous message in a Message Viewer after filing non-Gmail messages.

The Mac App Store requires that user scripts such as the MsgFiler Filing Script be installed by the user and not by the application. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we've made things as simple as possible for you.

After Onboarding

After you have finished onboarding MsgFiler, follow these instructions to download and install the Filing Script.

  1. Choose Settings from the MsgFiler menu.

  2. Click Filing.

  1. Click Installation Guide to review the steps necessary to install the Filing Script.

  1. Click the Download button to download a Disk Image containing the MsgFiler Filing Script.

  2. If the Disk Image does not open automatically, double-click on its icon from your file download location.

  3. The Disk Image will open up the following window in the Finder.

  1. Back in MsgFiler 4, click on the Show Folder button. This will open up the special folder assigned to MsgFiler 4 from macOS from which user scripts can be run. This directory is located at:

~/Library/Application Scripts/com.atow.MsgFiler4

  1. Drag the MsgFiler Filing.scpt file from the Disk Image onto the folder that just appeared.

  1. You can now enable the use of the Filing Script by toggling Use Filing Script.

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