MsgFiler 4 requires Accessibility permissions to operate. For a new install, if MsgFiler 4 does not already have Accessibility permissions, click Next from the Welcome screen to display the following screen.

You will need to grant Accessibility permissions to MsgFiler 4 so it can perform actions against the Mail application, such as:

  • Getting the list of mailboxes

  • Getting the current selected messages

  • Filing messages

  • Opening mailboxes

  • Creating new mailboxes

Follow the steps below to grant Accessibility permissions to MsgFiler 4:

  1. Click Open Accessibility.

  2. The System Settings application will open to the Accessibility pane of the Privacy & Security section.

  3. MsgFiler will show this screen where you will click and drag the MsgFiler 4 icon over to the Accessibility pane.

If there is another MsgFiler 4 entry in the Accessibility section, you may need to remove it before the drag and drop can work. Select the MsgFiler 4 entry and click the minus button in the bottom-left of the list of application.

When you have successfully dragged the MsgFiler 4 icon, you will see this screen:

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