Search Settings

These settings change how MsgFiler 4 searches and filters the list of mailboxes from Mail.

Search Restrictions

  • Restrict search to selected accounts: MsgFiler 4 will analyze the currently selected messages and display only those mailboxes that belong to the account(s) of the messages.

  • Ignore mailbox path when matching: When enabled, MsgFiler 4 will only search in the name of the mailbox and ignore any parent folders.

  • Case-sensitive search: When toggled on, MsgFiler 4 will perform a case-sensitive search for your mailboxes.

Recent and Favorite Mailboxes

  • Remember recent mailboxes: When enabled, MsgFiler 4 will remember the last ten mailboxes you filed to, excluding favorite mailboxes.

  • Clear Recents: When Remember recent mailboxes is active, click this button to clear the list of recent mailboxes.

  • Reorder: Click this button to reorder your favorite maiboxes.

  • Sync Favorite Mailboxes to iCloud: Share your favorite mailboxes across all Mac computers logged into the same iCloud account.

  • Show mailbox name only for favorites: Enable this to hide the mailbox path for favorite mailboxes.

  • Clear Favorites: Click this button to delete all of your mailboxes from the Favorites list.

Mailbox Visibility

  • Excluded Mailboxes: You can specify keywords to exclude from your list of mailboxes and accounts. This is useful if you don't want to see certain mailboxes in the list of returned results.

Click Manage to display a sheet where you can view and edit your list of Excluded Mailboxes.

After editing the list of Excluded Mailboxes, click Save to save your changes. Any matching word will exclude both mailboxes and accounts from the search results in MsgFiler 4.

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