Action Menu

The action menu is located next to the search field in the MsgFiler 4 window. It provides quick access to commonly used settings and reveals additional filing options.

MsgFiler Settings

These options toggle frequently used settings in MsgFiler 4:

  • Keep MsgFiler open after filing: Enable this when filing dozens or hundreds of emails in a single session.

  • Pressing Enter always performs default action: Enable this to perform the default filing action when pressing Enter from the search field. If disabled, pressing Enter will move focus to the Mailboxes table.

  • Focus on search on activation: Enable this to always return to the search field when returning back to MsgFiler 4.

  • Restrict search to selected accounts: Only show mailboxes that belong to the currently selection Mail account. Useful when you have mailboxes with the same name across multiple mail accounts.

  • Ignore mailbox path when matching: MsgFiler 4 will ignore the mailbox path and only search on the mailbox name.

  • Align MsgFiler window to Mail: When activated, MsgFiler 4 will attach its main window to the right-hand side of the frontmost Mail window.

  • Play sound after filing: Play the filing sound after filing or archiving messages.

Filing Commands

  • Move to (mailbox name): Moves selected messages in Mail to the designated mailbox.

  • Copy to (mailbox name): Copies selected messages in Mail to the designated mailbox.

  • Archive: Archives the selected messages in Mail.

  • Toggle Read Status: Toggles between read and unread for the selected messages in Mail.

  • Flag: Assigns or removes a flag from the selected messages in Mail.

  • Label: Assigns or removes a color label from the selected messages in Mail.

Moving and copying messages that belong to Gmail accounts require the installation and activation of the MsgFiler Filing Script. Archiving and toggling the read status or flag of selected messages, regardless of account, also requires the MsgFiler Filing Script.

Mailbox Commands

  • Show Mailbox (mailbox): Sets the frontmost message viewer to display the contents of the selected mailbox.

  • Show Mailbox (mailbox) in New Viewer: Opens a new Mail message viewer focused on the selected mailbox.

  • Add (mailbox) to Favorites: Adds the designated mailbox to the Favorite Mailboxes list.

  • Remove (mailbox) From Favorites: Removes the designated mailbox from the Favorite Mailboxes list.

  • Clear Recent Mailboxes: Removes all entries from the Recent Mailboxes list.

  • New Mailbox Under (mailbox): Creates a new mailbox underneath the currently selected mailbox.

  • New Top-Level Mailbox: Creates a new mailbox at the top-level of a mail account.

  • Reload Mailboxes: Reload the list of mailboxes from Mail.

Focused Filing

  • Enter Focused Filing: Dim the screen and hide all applications except for Mail and MsgFiler 4 to faciliate focused message filing.

  • Exit Focused Filing: Deactivate Focused Filing if it is enabled.

Other Commands

  • Purchase: Open the Purchase window. This menu option does not appear if you are on a subscription plan or have purchased the Lifetime Unlock.

  • Settings: Opens the MsgFiler 4 Settings window.

  • About MsgFiler: Opens the About MsgFiler window.

  • Visit Website: Opens a browser to

  • Quit: Quits the MsgFiler 4 application.

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